Days of Grace

First Fruit

Yippee!!!  We have our first rambutan fruit!  After planting it almost 9 years ago!?….that is a rather long wait before bearing fruit right? Ok la, got to admit, we don’t have green fingers and no matter what we did (putting fertilizers made from goat waste etc) nothing seemed ‘fruitful’.

Now thanks to our able helpers who have green fingers and without fertilizers the tree fruited!  They have been helping to maintain our garden and taking care of the fruit trees thus the fruits!  They tasted Continue reading


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Painful and Unsightly

I have a cold sore on my lips!….aarrrh and aargghh….its painful and unsightly.  The worst part is that its a viral infection, once contracted and after the sore is healed, the virus will  stay dormant.  Whenever there are stress, low resistance and inadequate rest the virus will be activated.

I can’t smile too widely or laugh too heartily or open my mouth wide for a mouthful of food….as the sore will tear, then the pain and bleeding starts.

I am already a very slow eater and now got to take small mouths which slows me even more.  In terms of eating speed….I have always been the last to finish so that doesn’t make any difference except that those eating with me got to wait longer for me to finish!

It will take at least 2 weeks to heal properly.  In the meantime, apply medication, drink lots of water, rest enough and no stress (like its possible at all at any time!).  Sigh!!!….falling sick too. 😦

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Hide in You

Something simple that I would like to share:


When my soul is in such turbulence

Can I hide in You?

When my thoughts are out of control

Can I hide in You?

When I need to unload my secrets

Can I unload to You?

When I need to unload my sorrows

Can I unload to You?

When I need to explore my tomorrows Continue reading

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Back With Vengeance!

The supposedly exterminated termites in my kitchen cabinets were definitely supposedly.  They are backWith vengeance in the garden!  This time I saw them with my own eyes, usually we noticed trails left by them.  They disappeared fast the minute discovered!  Sad…but this I have to admit, they looked quite beautiful! and HUGE!! Continue reading

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Blur case 2

Words that are uttered when stunned or in shock can be quite embarrassing or just doesn’t make sense.  A former colleague whom I miss dearly shared an incident of such nature.  Well, I have stopped working for 15 years now so this incident dates 20 years back.

Life and environment were different back then.  Public toilets in shopping malls were no Continue reading

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