Days of Grace

First Post (introduction)

A short introduction.  The very reason for starting this blog is to pen down my rather chaotic thoughts (as advised by a dear friend).  Lots of stuff jumbled up in my mind and that has actually caused me to be rather down and emotional. In this state of frustration,  I plunged into Facebook and started a blog all in one day!!  By nightfall I was thinking that I have gone crazy…and those who know me well (or rather my nature) will think that I have gone out of my mind too…but at the same time they were so encouraging.

My sister puts it very nicely…“Not crazy laa… housewife like you must be in touch on what’s happening out there. So that your children can’t fool you 😉 and these kind of stuff is good for you. When people stop working, normally they’ll decline mentally ie. memory, wit, etc…”. So sweet of her right?  Especially about the children fooling me part…hahaha.  So now you know the major cause of the chaotic thoughts.

My immediate family, husband, children – 3 boys.  My parents, an elder brother who is married and blessed with a daughter and finally my sister (younger)- must emphasize that and she is still available! That’s about all for introduction.  Oh wait! I must not forget to add this member of the family.  Beloved Husky, he is a Siberian Husky and has very beautiful coat and eyes!  Isn’t he one of the most handsomest dog you have ever seen?! 😀

Isn't he a handsome fella!

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  1. Let me be the first to comment!

    Beautiful dog. Keep the posts coming!!! Will support you!

    nancy said:
    Thank you for your support (you should la 😛 , since you were the one that finally coaxed me into it)…i am beginning to think what have i got myself into!!…but never try never know right? hahaha.
    Yes, Husky is one beautiful siberian husky.

    Must thank you for helping me with the blog title and other initial setups. Many thanks dear fella. 🙂

    Comment by Walltalker | 5 September, 2008 | Reply

  2. maybe i don’t know you that well!! …because I don’t think you’re crazy…..only why it took you sooooooo loooonnnnng to start a blog!!! ha ha ha
    keep on blogging ma ma as walltalker said ‘Will support you!”

    nancy said:
    You know me la, remember the blog title with ‘grace’ ? By nature i am rather reserved what… though i may be generous with my smiles? 😛
    I have been blog hopping or ‘lurking’ as Adino puts it (in one of his posts)…sounds like a stalker and have enjoyed reading most blogs.

    Comment by blossom | 5 September, 2008 | Reply

  3. good job on the the first post! hahhaha ;P
    I love your dog lah…. your husky is so beautiful…

    nancy said:
    Thank you again siew lee and for helping this blur case with the initial setting up.
    Yes, huskies are beautiful and my husky is blessed with beautiful coat and eyes (his eyes are light mesmerising blue). Some huskies tend to look rather fierce like those in the movie ‘Snow Dogs’.

    Comment by ensl | 5 September, 2008 | Reply

  4. Congrats! Welcome to the blogging world! Glad to have one more blog to read.

    nancy said:
    thank you thank you…hmmm was i influenced by you to start blogging? 😛
    i definitely do hope there will be more posts to read here in future!

    Comment by Leon | 5 September, 2008 | Reply

  5. Congratulations on your blog! I knew it would only be a matter of time before you started one…hehhe was waiting very pateintly because Mr Walltalker said you were in the process of creating a blog.

    I hope this blog will help clear your chaotic thoughts yea?

    nancy said:
    Hi alex or nancy (my namesake) heehee
    thank you for the congrats! Sure hope writing will clear my chaotic thoughts.
    thanks again.

    p/s you wont mind right if i add your link to my blogroll?

    Comment by Alexandra | 5 September, 2008 | Reply

  6. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    nancy said:
    thanks for the welcome and encouragement.

    Comment by Adino | 5 September, 2008 | Reply

  7. Of course not! =P

    nancy said:
    thanks dear!

    Comment by Alexandra | 5 September, 2008 | Reply

  8. Wow, Aunty Nancy’s first post is receiving lots of comments! Let me add another! No problem, glad you liked the title… haha… And after all you are some sort like a mother to me…. XD

    nancy said:
    hey son! thanks for your support and everything!

    Comment by Walltalker | 7 September, 2008 | Reply

  9. hi hi …oh dear looks like I’m left out….Sorry was in the dark for a while, didn’t know you started a blog, then when I foundout, something wrong with the internet. Though thats all settled now! Yes Husky is a handsome dog 🙂
    Welcome ! and start blogging…hehe or should I say join the club. ….

    nancy said:
    hi! not left out la. There are a number of people ‘responsible’ 😛 in me starting this blog!

    thanks for the welcome and yes Husky is indeed handsome!

    p/s glad everything is ok with internet now.

    Comment by meiyen1990 | 8 September, 2008 | Reply

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