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A Holiday in Singapore Not!

Just recently over the Merdeka holidays weekend in Malaysia, my family were in Singapore to spent some family time. We did managed to do that, just a wee bit mainly over meals and of course whenever in the car.

Actually church camp was on at the same time and not being able to be there and since head of the home proposed family time in Singapore then should make the most of it. Instead of feeling down (because of missing camp) I consoled myself…yes family time…can’t even remember the last time…so good…very good…look forward to that. Started planning places of interest to visit. We will be there for 3 days, so the world class Singapore Zoo is a must followed by Sentosa Island. The youngest of the family wanted Science Center so ok that goes into the list (mentally la).

Weather wasn’t on our side though. The first day rain started very heavily around 3pm till evening and nothing much done on the first day. After checking in about 1pm went to Ngee Ann City had something light to eat then children wanted to spend time in Kinokuniya (huge bookstore, very huge). So parents went back to YMCA to nap since had about 3-4 hours sleep only the night before. Met up with children about 7 for dinner at Food Connection I think, can’t recall the name of the food court now, it is in Atria.

On second day, slept in a little and visited Vivo City (largest shopping mall in Singapore). We (parents) spent almost 2 hours there, in a shop named ‘Always 2’ while the children explored the mall.  Everything (ranging from kitchen cutlery, toiletries, stationeries, etc) in that shop is priced at SGD2.  By the time we left for lunch appointment with relatives,  it had started raining.   We had curry fish head and some spicy dishes in a Chinese shop but in the ‘Little India’ area!!

Since it was still raining by the time our tummies were filled, zoo and island visitations were canceled, two older children wanted to go Kinokuniya again but youngest looking forward to Science Centre. In the end he got persuaded to join them at the huge bookshop. Ended up with me window shopping around Takashimaya, Atria and Tangs….really window shopping only 😛 whereas the dad went back to YMCA to nap. Dinner was with some friends somewhere in Bukit Batok, very nice food.

Third day! Singapore Zoo here we come! Planned to visit the animals on the way home. But the excitement (which I realized later was only in me and the youngest) was dampened by the rain which started even earlier than the day before but then it stopped so ok into the zoo we go. I was upset by remarks made by the eldest who weren’t interested to be anywhere except Kinokuniya. Then it had to rain again…sigh 😦

Finally I spoke my mind when he mentioned that I should have checked with them what they prefer to be doing. I was really upset as from the time this trip was mentioned no one said anything about preferences except the youngest. And I was thinking of family time! So I ‘lectured’ a bit right in the queue for the zoo tram as it was raining again. I told them I realized at their age, interests differs or has changed but what I am asking for is a little compromise from everyone, we can’t be pleasing everyone. Of course their argument was we are at the zoo aren’t we?…but with an attitude of ‘please I rather be somewhere else’. So we left the zoo having not covered half of it and drove back to Kinokuniya yet again instead of heading home! Left Singapore finally about 6pm but caught at the Second Link jam.  Finally home sweet home just before 1am.

So much for a Singapore holiday! I was upset about the whole holiday thing but family is family, how long can we stay upset with one another.  The dad deserves applause though driving us everywhere with no complains.

Anyone going for holiday down south, take me please! *waving hand*

p/s siew lee, I remember we have a date.  Let’s recruite more! Heeheehe


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  1. Well, it is the same with every family i suppose…. But i think this changes when the children are all grown up and starting their own families. Because then they will know how it feels… And while they are stuck with their children you will get the benefits then…. i suppose

    nancy said:
    ya, i supposed they will know then but benefits??….sorry got lost there.

    Comment by Warwick | 8 September, 2008 | Reply

  2. hahha seems like your kids really liked kinokuniya… free read izit?

    hmm yes yes… our date… if i’m still around, still unemployed then i come with you la k? hehehe. ..

    nancy said:
    Recently they picked up the reading habit. According to them the Kinokuniya in Singapore is huge and have collections of books not available here it seems.

    yes! to our date.

    Comment by ensl | 8 September, 2008 | Reply

  3. Ahhh, haha its true it does happen in every family. I remember there came a point that I utterly despised family time and always had that “Please, I’ve got better things to do” attitude. We all grow out of it eventually, when we realise what our priorities are. Some earlier than others but don’t worry, they will definately grow out of it. So now I try being grateful for family time so my brothers’ won’t be like the me from the past! Hehe

    nancy said:
    Realizing priorities and a bit of compromising, not much to ask ya. Your brothers are blessed to have you to look up to!

    Comment by Alexandra | 8 September, 2008 | Reply

  4. sounds familiar la…when we go for holiday also like that! I like to go to exhibitions or parks or try something ‘different’…my man would want to go shopping!
    But there is one place we agree…bookstore!!! thats why we cannot go to Kinokuniya in Singapore! it will be the only place we visit!

    nancy said:
    Next time you visit Singapore, please take my children with you….can enjoy time together in Kinokuniya! 😛

    Comment by blossomteoh | 9 September, 2008 | Reply

  5. Haha, i would love to go shopping or do lots of other fun stuff… But my father would rather bring us house viewing, furniture viewing or apartment viewing…. Hmmmm typical designer hotspots….

    nancy said:
    Ok ok, if we have a chance to visit Singapore together, you come with me and Siew Lee…we shop and do lots of fun stuff. My boys go with aunty Blossom to Kinokuniya. Designer people, follow uncle Sunny! All happy then 😀

    Comment by Warwick | 10 September, 2008 | Reply

  6. HI, 1st time dropping by here =) ..well it depends on each character, some people just express themselves differently aka unappreciative, rude as some might say but i must say, as children we should appreciate family time no matter what.

    For me i love and enjoy my family time. Eventhough its just a short outing or even at home. No offence to those out there but i just don’t know/understand how can some get angry, irritated when their parents try to arrange family time/outing etc. I can’t stand when some have the nerve to say its a waste of time spending time with family etc, its like they’re so unappreciative!

    I understand how you feel aunty nancy but i salute you for you patience.

    nancy said:
    Hi Carmille…Welcome to my humble blog! 🙂

    Thanks for your comments, all have to make effort and value family time ya.

    Comment by c-mille | 12 September, 2008 | Reply

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