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The Parking Incident

While in Singapore, we witnessed an incident which I think isn’t new to many but for me that was my first .

This was at a parking area in Atria Shopping Complex. After dinner the first night as we were heading up an escalator to the parking floors, we heard some loud voices. As we reached the top of the escalator the source of loud voices were two families quarreling over a parking space. We headed down thinking we were at the wrong exit to the parking floor then we realized that was the correct exit so up we went again. So we heard the continuation of the fight. (In my mind I was thinking did we make the mistake on purpose? and was actually trying to be busybody?…but but it was a genuine mistake la….really sincerely genuine) πŸ˜›

The two families:Β  A lady holding a little girl of about 4-6 years of age and another hand carrying an occupied baby carrier.Β  Another family consisting of 3-4 ladies and a maid.

Let me describe a bit the parking area in this complex then my dear readers can relate better the cause of the fight. Upon entrance, on the left is a single row parking lots and on the right double rows (which means back to back for Singaporean parking and front to front for Malaysian parking πŸ˜› ) get what i mean? Ok ok, most Singaporeans reversed park and most Malaysians do the opposite! Alright enough of the confusion already. Towards the end a right ‘U-turn’ has to be to get to the other side to access the parking lots there and to proceed to the next floor for more space. Can picture that?Β  No? Confused to the max now? πŸ™‚ Ok, I better get back to my story.

From what we gathered with the two trips up and down the escalator πŸ˜‰ the family with the maid sent the maid down to reserve a vacated space when they entered the parking floor (that means the maid got down from the car and walk way over to the right side….the second row) and stood in the empty lot to reserve. Whereas the lone mother who entered ahead and noted the empty space was already zooming (I presume) towards that lot only to be prevented from parking by the other family’s maid. (Why zooming? Parking lots in the malls during weekends are always full.)

It wasn’t just loud voices but the lone motherΒ  whose arms were occupied with children was angry and crying and shouting while a fierce elderly lady from the other family was shouting too and being held back by another family member. Since they were fighting in the escalator lobby, I would assumed that both families have already parked. Was the quarrel necessary? I would think if the family with the maid apologized even if the lone lady was hostile and aggressive (understandably so given the circumstance) the dispute would have been solved right?Β  I mean that’s my opinion la and being visitors to this country, I don’t know if they would welcome help to resolve that.Β  I was thinking more of the little girl witnessing this unpleasant incident. Can she comprehend the adults’ behavior?Β  She was like staring emptily at a standing signage.

We adults should be able to settle that peacefully right?


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  1. Unfortunately emotions and pride get in the way of common decency a lot of the time. Even I am guilty of this.

    Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

    Perhaps there are other things that happened that escalated the event to an argument.

    I agree about parking lots being too busy on weekends. I try to arrive at 9:30 am so I can have all the car parks I want!

    nancy said:
    good advice on arriving early for choices of parking lots.

    Comment by Adino | 9 September, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hmmm, first for you, first for me! Most Malaysians just shrug it off, some do get upset but the dispute never ends up with shouting and all.. And yeah they were probably upset about something else besides the parking lot..

    nancy said:
    Yeah…it may have been more than just the parking incident.

    Comment by Alexandra | 9 September, 2008 | Reply

  3. Fierce parking fight!….good thing they did not do the hair pulling fight thingy
    ha ha ha then you will have to be referee! ha ha ha

    nancy said:
    If they do start physical fighting, i won’t be referee la. Let the men do that……i will just move the children aside lest they get hurt.

    Comment by blossomteoh | 9 September, 2008 | Reply

  4. i’m wondering if we should actually apologize for something that we feel we’re not in the wrong? just for the sake of making peace? i somehow think that if we have a clear conscience that we’re not doing something wrong, there’s no necessity in apologizing… but i may be wrong in thinking this way.

    i’m reading the guilt section in the book i borrowed from your house hehe.. maybe after i finish the chapter… if there’s anything i can add then i’ll add hahaha..

    nancy said:
    Ok, will wait for your addition πŸ™‚

    Comment by ensl | 9 September, 2008 | Reply

  5. Yeah I agree that often we humans and esp grown ones, can get carried away with our quarrels and all…Anyway i think it was also the way they discussed. If one person started shouting but the other remained calm, I don’t think it would have blew out of porportion that badly. Then again, most of the time ppl have thier defences up that ‘s why.

    Anyway if you ask me, I would always head to the mall early ( eventhough I don’t drive yet ) hheeheee coz i know how stressful it can be to find parking spaces. Arrive in a mall at 930am and you can pick any parking space you want.
    Hee hee can even lie on the road and no one’s gonna run you over:-) except maybe the guard..but of course do take safety precautions like go in a group or with a friend, as it can be quite lonely so early in the mall !

    nancy said:
    Hahaha…good advice like Adino’s! But i wouldn’t try lying down! πŸ˜›

    Comment by meiyen@sarah | 9 September, 2008 | Reply

  6. woooow……. If i were that woman having all the reasons to get angry and scold i think i would just stand or squat in front of their car before they exit as in block their way and get my children to show their scary little faces…. XD.

    Or maybe be a friendly stalker in the shopping mall…..

    But that is if i were to be feeling naughty.

    nancy said:
    I wouldn’t dare offend you, Warwick! πŸ˜› heehee.

    Comment by Warwick | 10 September, 2008 | Reply

  7. Ooooh la la auntie Nancy, this ‘lying down’ trick I did not suggest to her but going to the mall early…of course la is my good example which she picked up!!! hee hee hee

    nancy said:
    I am sure Sarah picked up ‘good examples’ from you πŸ˜›

    Comment by blossom | 10 September, 2008 | Reply

  8. Wow so many comments. I’m so jealous.

    Honestly Singaporeans are like this. I mean I sit and then accidently brush my shirt against someone also can get scolding. So angry man that day.


    nancy said:
    Hahaha, why jealous la! I must thank you…you were the one that actually exposed me to blogs.

    Malaysians also like that, maybe in different situations. I also have the tendency of losing my cool at times πŸ˜‰

    Comment by Leon | 11 September, 2008 | Reply

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