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God Spoils Me

God spoils you!  That was what one of my pastors commented after I shared a testimony.  Those three words got me thinking.  By nature I am not a thinker but that changed quite drastically lately…I realised I have been too laid back, accepting circumstances as they come without much thought or questions and with zero degree of inquisitiveness. That change came along with hurting remarks from some (I may share this perhaps in another post), thus my chaotic thoughts that gave birth to this blog.

God does have a habit of spoiling me in so many ways and definitely you, you and you too! 😛 …. sigh, yet at times I would ask why isn’t He answering me, knowing very well that He has yet to answer or they aren’t answers that I expected.  So much to learn still.

The testimony I wanted to share has something to do with parking but unlike my previous post.  In fact, I have shared a number of testimonies that have to do with parking.  Simple testimonies yet they just prove to me again and again that He answers prayers.

Whenever I am heading somewhere which I will need to park and knowing parking will be a problem, I will pray for a parking space…that is provided I remember to pray, I forget sometimes. The latest was three instances in two days.

First day: Driving to an area where cars are double and sometimes triple parked, somewhere in USJ 1, I was telling God, just a space even if I have to double park would also be ok, as I just need to run up to a church there deliver stuff and run down. I underestimated God! and I am ashamed of that.  You see I was driving slowly looking to double park and overshot a proper space. Then I chided myself, “you of little faith”…prayed for a space to double park, how could I not expect the best from Him and yet He gave the best, a proper lot (which in my finite mind, that wasn’t possible).  As I engaged my gear to reverse yet another car vacated a proper lot which I promptly ease my car in and parked, properly and lawfully. Then I went to over to Glad Sounds Taipan another busy area, I prayed and got a space not too far from the shop.  As I paid for my purchase,  I chatted with the staff about parking problems in Taipan and shared my testimony…they too joined me in acknowledging God’s providence.

Second day: Called Glad Sounds Taipan to reserve a CD for me, on the way there, I prayed again for a parking space….and again I got a space to park and its during the peak lunch hour.  Again, I shared my testimony of a God who hears and act.  The two times, God provided legal parking spaces was along the road, not at the multilevel parking building which saved me time actually as I need not go from one level to another.

When I stood up to share this testimony, there were smiles on faces of friends because they too know, again God has provided even in little ways which added colors to our sometimes dull monotonous days.

p/s I did share in an article in Leon’s blog ( under the title ‘a little sharing’ about me, a victim of double parking.


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  1. I agree with you. In many ways God spoils us, and even in the smallest of things. And often times we forget the little things but that is where we can see the goodness of God everyday!

    nancy said: Yes, agreed agreed!

    Comment by Alexandra | 13 September, 2008 | Reply

  2. Definately yes God spoils us in everyday miracles and answered prayers!…for now mine is time to blog…i wonder how much longer!!!

    nancy said: Can’t imagine life without Him spoiling us!

    Comment by blossom | 15 September, 2008 | Reply

  3. I remember the double parking incident!

    God does take care of all the little small things, and we take for granted or don’t notice at all.

    Thank you Lord for loving us!

    nancy said: Ya, we do overlook the little things. And Amen to thank you Lord for loving us.

    Comment by Adino | 15 September, 2008 | Reply

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