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Blur case no. 1

One day I was walking along an aisle in Carrefour Hypermarket with my two younger boys.  In between two shelves right in the middle of the aisle were some promotional items. Something caught my eye (meant to catch anyone’s eye actually).  I called out to my sons…’they are introducing a new flavor for instant noodles’ and I added…’it’s called Let Up’.  Very confidently, I said to them…’first we have Maggi Berapi now we have Let Up’.

My sons turned and walked towards me then the older of the two said…’mummy, its ‘Letup’ not let up, you ahh…really blur case’.  I took another look at the writing on the signage and it still looked Let Up to me.  Then he said look at the packaging its mee letup, so spicy that you will ‘explode’ after consuming it.  If you know my second son well enough, you can understand that he won’t let such mistake go easily.  Of course he continued, ‘what does let up means for instant noodles?’

He is right. Oh dear my eyes and the writing deceived me. It was written Let up when it should have been letup, see there was a little space between t and u. My mind was definitely receiving information without making sense of it. And of course my son had to rub it in saying what does let up mean anyway whether its for instant noodles or on its own? Hahaha that’s how that incident ended as we walked away.

I can’t defend myself against that statement of his. What a blur case I was!

I have shared that incident with some friends and what a time of laughter each time I related that.  Someone commented that it is such an original laughter is the best medicine joke and whenever they see the Letup noodles on the shelf they can’t help but smile…and will definitely think of me.

What a way to remember me by ya! Hahaha.

**letup in our native tongue means explode**


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  1. i definitely had a “let up” of laughter which “letuped” from my mouth causing a “let up” of juices onto the keyboard…. i guess i will have to “let up” and run before my brother “letups” in anger….

    nancy said: Waaa Warwick, this is a good one and original!

    Comment by Walltalker | 15 September, 2008 | Reply

  2. Was that even logical?

    nancy said: It is logical…in fact I enjoyed and liked that comment. 🙂

    Comment by Walltalker | 15 September, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hahaha I think he once mentioned to me about this. Yes he just keeps taunting you with the smallest of mistakes..hahaha

    Wariwck that was not only logical and entertaining, it was GOOD.=P

    nancy said: Ya that’s my son la.
    Hahaha…Warwick’s comment is so entertaining, it can be a short post on its own actually!

    Comment by Alexandra | 15 September, 2008 | Reply

  4. P/S I forgot to add that its oookkkaaaayyyyyyy, we all have our fair share of blur cases..hehe

    nancy said: ya, sometimes it can be quite embarassing.

    Comment by Alexandra | 15 September, 2008 | Reply

  5. LOL that’s really funny! I was wondering what you meant by let up also. Don’t worry, we all have such lapses in concentration.

    nancy said: Ya lor, it didn’t occurred to me then that word doesn’t make sense on its own.

    Comment by Adino | 16 September, 2008 | Reply

  6. hahaha…aunty nancy, i was as blurr as you..when reading your blog, i also thought ‘wa, nowadays super weird names they think of just to grab ppl’s attention’…even after you combine the 2 words together, i was still blurr..until i read ur explanation—>letup means explode…haha…but it was a good laugh for me, i must have looked silly laughing all by myself ( or do i always? =/..)..haha..thanks for the post 😉

    nancy said: Hahaha…Carmille! Oh Carmille! You made me laugh la!

    Comment by c-mille | 16 September, 2008 | Reply

  7. Auntie Nancy, are you secretly working for Maggi?…humourous advertisement style la …nowadays when i go shopping i always remember pick up a pack of ‘Letup’ instant noddles…and smile to myself 😉

    nancy said: hahaha, ya, what a way to remember me right? 😛

    Comment by blossom | 16 September, 2008 | Reply

  8. heehee yup I’ve heard this one before …hahaha don’t worry got some more embarassing then this ok….heehee sometimes I’m super blur as well. At least yrs in front of yr own sons…err mine most of the time is in front of friends …Erm like just the other day I was talking to two male classmates, and one of them commented saying that the other guy has a girlfriend in UNI. But the way he said it was like this , ” Girlfriend dia d’kat U ”
    but the way I heard it was , ” Girlfriend dia kayU !! ”
    Hahaha so hmm welcome to blur club. hahaha you don’t want to know how many times he had to repeat himself then only I got it right….heeheeeheee .
    Warwick that was a classic !!!

    nancy said: Hahaha…Sarah, yeah we can be so so blur.
    I guess membership to the blur club is free?! 😉
    Don’t you just love Warwick’s comment!!

    Comment by meiyen1990 | 17 September, 2008 | Reply

  9. Yes of course its absolutely free …The only criteria one needs to have is about 10% blurness ?? Heeheehee

    Yes I liked his comment very much !! Was laughing alone…heehee thought carmille’s comment was also quite cute 🙂

    nancy said: Oh! Then I qualify…hahaha and Carmille definitely qualifies 😛

    Comment by meiyen1990 | 18 September, 2008 | Reply

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