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Blur case 2

Words that are uttered when stunned or in shock can be quite embarrassing or just doesn’t make sense.  A former colleague whom I miss dearly shared an incident of such nature.  Well, I have stopped working for 15 years now so this incident dates 20 years back.

Life and environment were different back then.  Public toilets in shopping malls were no exception.

The present day public toilets are cleaned every half hour or so, well-lighted, clear directions to toilet, clear indications of male female and even baby rooms, etc…

*Emily, my former colleague, was in Jaya Shopping Mall in Section 14, Petaling Jaya.  She needed to use the washroom and made her way there.  Found it and hurriedly pushed the door open….stopped dead in her tracks, she was faced with some guys easing themselves, of course they turned and stared back in shock.  She was so stunned that when she found her voice she said politely….”Thank You” then turned and walked away.

We burst into fits of laughter when she related that to us.

Why ‘thank you’ we asked?  What were you thanking them for?….a demonstration or preview or what?….Shouldn’t you have apologized?

“Yes, yes that was my intention, sorry was the word but I don’t know why I uttered ‘thank you’ instead”.  Then she added, “the poor guys must be wondering why I thanked them”!

More laughter followed that statement!

When we were more composed, she continued that the signs/labels were not indicated properly as the symbol was placed on the wall to the left side of the door instead of on the door itself or above the doorway as how we noticed nowadays.  But she couldn’t explain nor understood why ‘thank you’ instead of ‘sorry’!   We burst into laughter again! 😀

Poor Emily, she must have been so shocked and embarrassed into blankness!!

Just for information, the pictures above and below were taken from a trendy restaurant in Taiwan with washroom concept.  Interesting?  No?
Ice-cream anyone?

*Emily* may not be her real name and she was still single at the time of the incident, she is happily married now 🙂


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  1. Yucks! The ice cream looks disgusting, but I’m still curious to try it!

    A few years ago my job involves answering a lot of phone calls. One time my colleague came up to talk to me and I said to him, “Hello…” like on the phone!

    nancy said: Haha I don’t know if I will try. If its right in front of me and so tempting, and chocolate ice cream is one of my favorites!…then maybe I will!
    Did you realise you said that? Or your colleague told you! 😛

    Comment by Adino | 23 September, 2008 | Reply

  2. Oh wow, the ice cream is… *gulps* Interesting. Hahahaha…I walked into the wrong washroom once too…though not in time for anyone to see me…good thing..

    nancy said: Interesting is the word and chocolate ice-cream my favourite wor ;)…now I am wondering if you will utter the same as my friend if there were guys staring at you! hahaha 😛

    Comment by Alexandra | 23 September, 2008 | Reply

  3. toilet concept cafe…??? Unique but…may not be too ‘tasteful in our culture’ ya? Agree, auntie?

    nancy said: Yes, agreed…would be tough to accept eating from a toilet bowl shaped bowl!

    Comment by blossomteoh | 23 September, 2008 | Reply

  4. ha ha…i use to have a toilet bowl soap holder and some of my guest would take a moment before putting their hand in to use the soap!!!

    nancy said: Soap dish, guest hesitated what more if food were to be served inside! 😀

    Comment by blossom | 24 September, 2008 | Reply

  5. hahha… yea indeed interesting…
    i want strawberry ice cream la.. do they have?

    nancy said: You know Siew Lee, the adventurous us can always make a trip to Taiwan to find out if they have strawberry ice cream! 😉

    Comment by ensl | 24 September, 2008 | Reply

  6. Hahaha, i wonder if Emily really is your friend or you yourself….

    nancy said: Well…Warwick! For me to know for you to find out? Hahaha…I do think I can be that blur though 😉

    Comment by Walltalker | 25 September, 2008 | Reply

  7. very funny auntie Nancy…imagine if the ‘toilet’ themed cafe actually had toilets/seats that flushed when the patrons leave!!!

    nancy said: I don’t know actually! Any of the pictures suggested that? 😀

    Comment by blossomteoh | 25 September, 2008 | Reply

  8. Eeyer no offence to anyone but I find it disgusting to eat oout of the toilet bowl concept thing….Erm well i guess if you guys are as imaginative as me, then you would probably have ” flashes ” of toilet incidents while dining. ok I don’t think you’ll understand me….nvm….

    Hehe but that toilet incident was funny…heehee have heard of similar ones…hahaha some worst ? hehe

    nancy said: Err, if you have flashes of toilet incidents then flush them away…can understand that? 😉

    Comment by meiyen1990 | 26 September, 2008 | Reply

  9. eyerrr…i’m with you sarah, i can’t exactly stand the concept eating out of the toilet bowl bowl……..aunty nancy, the 1st ice cream pic really look disgusting leh..the second pic at least not so bad…=/

    nancy said: Hahaha…then you will try tasting the icecream! 😛

    Comment by c-mille | 29 September, 2008 | Reply

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