Days of Grace

Back With Vengeance!

The supposedly exterminated termites in my kitchen cabinets were definitely supposedly.  They are backWith vengeance in the garden!  This time I saw them with my own eyes, usually we noticed trails left by them.  They disappeared fast the minute discovered!  Sad…but this I have to admit, they looked quite beautiful! and HUGE!!

I ran into the house to get aerosol spray and when I got back to the area they were disappearing, no more trail!  That was so fast and definitely bad, very bad!  Sigh!  I know aerosol sprays won’t help get rid of them but that was all I have then.  I am scratching all over now as I recalled that sight.

This nightmare seems to follow us everywhere.  When we were renting a house in Cheras some twenty years ago, we were infested with them (I don’t remember them to be beautiful and huge then…have they mutated?).

Before moving here, the house in Klang too was attacked and we had some treatment done…drilling holes along the floor, as close to the wall of the house as possible, filled the holes with ‘liquid treatment’ and then sealed.  So the house was ‘decorated’ with patched holes every four to five feet around the house (inside and outside).  We have to put up with the smell from the ‘poison’ ‘treatment’ for some weeks.

Here, the nightmare repeats!  Have to decide real soon which option would be best.   Sigh, that also means spending money to get rid of them, no matter the application still will make our pockets much lighter.  They multiply real fast and  ‘move’ their nest the minute they are discovered.  Our garden is quite big with some tall trees and pots of plants here and there…so the termites have lots of space to roam and food choices!…”rambutan tree roots? no?…how about mangoes? not today?…ok we try longan roots then!…oh wait! why don’t we help get rid of the pomelo tree which has decided to be barren…”.


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  1. Oh no!!! Unlike your problem, my old house in Klang was once infested with cockroaches! (another reason why I’m so afraid of them) We used to have a big drainage hole right in the ‘backyard’ of our house. Eventually the cockroaches got more brave and started coming in the house..*shivers* Good thing we had the problem ‘fixed’ before any major damage was done…

    nancy said: Once a home has been infested with pests or unwelcomed insects, talking about them do send shivers!

    Comment by Alexandra | 25 September, 2008 | Reply

  2. Could they have migrated here together with your furniture or things? But its so sudden………………

    nancy said: I am not sure if they migrated with our stuff but we did have a good 5-6 years free from them. Neighbours did mention about our soil being infested with termites.

    Comment by Walltalker | 25 September, 2008 | Reply

  3. Time for some termite treatment again!

    nancy said: Most definitely!

    Comment by Adino | 25 September, 2008 | Reply

  4. you have a longan tree?? eh have i even seen one before.. i don’t think so.. maybe i can come pluck all your fruits so that the termites will go away to another house… eh wait.. they eat fruits? i thought wood… i don’t really know what i’m talking..

    nancy said: Hahaha…Siew Lee, let me officially welcome you the the Blur Club! 😛
    I would think termites would start with roots then work their way upwards 😀

    Comment by ensl | 26 September, 2008 | Reply

  5. Technically speaking we invaded their homes! So maybe they are just claiming back their ‘bungalows’??? hee hee
    Yes first 5-6 years-no termites because the property developer had treated the soil for its

    nancy said: The developers do that? I didn’t know! So we are the invaders huh 😉

    Comment by blossom | 26 September, 2008 | Reply

  6. yup the developers here do treat the soil b4 they start to build houses..from what i heard, (i forgot b4 what year) the soil treatment can last about 10 years but after a certain year, they cut down their treatment so that they can only last for 5 years..or 3 years..can’t remember. yea, termits are super smart. Did you know that termits are actually blind? and they are attracted to cooler places which is why they go for the roots, undergrounds.

    nancy said: Waa…thank you for these information Carmille. You do know the termites well 😛

    Comment by c-mille | 29 September, 2008 | Reply

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