Days of Grace

Very Comfy Hotel

Finally…I managed to find time to discipline myself and start typing again to update my blog.  As the year is coming to a close there are a few stuff lined up and most of us will be busy in some way or other.  So I better start posting before I get stuck with my laziness and busyness!

I want to share some pictures of the hotel we stayed in while in Penang. Its an heritage hotel…ta daa….Eastern and Oriental Hotel!!  An all suite hotel!!

I will just put the pictures up and explain abit. Continue reading


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Going away

I am going away for a few days up north to Penang for a cousin’s wedding.  We will do what most people do when in Penang….eat, Eat and EAT…such gluttony!  I will be taking some pictures of food and the hotel where I will be staying.  It is a very nice and prestigious hotel…. Continue reading

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What A Night!

I had about 2 hours of sleep last night.  Lightning flashed a few times over the last 3 days and in that few times, our house being at a corner had our electricity power cut off that many times.  Last night after the fourth time close to one in the morning we lost power completely.  Playing the power supply switches didn’t help. Something Continue reading

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A Friendly Test

Create your own Friend Test here

This friend test is starting to hit us…hahaha…and its quite fun too and since I kiasu, I also created one…Please do try. Thank you so much.

P/S Sorry all, I have edited answers to a question and since those who have taken this test are trying again, please take note ya! Thank you all again for trying 🙂

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Blur case 3

I am so disappointed 😦 , I had wanted to run and had gathered determination and with so much encouragement from friends, trying to follow a training program which Adino recommended and now…..

I found out last week that I won’t be in Kuala Lumpur to run the 10km Mizuno run…sigh…sigh…sigh.  My fault, my blurness.  I got my dates mixed up.  In my mind the run is on the 26th October but it is on the 19th.  I have an important engagement on 18th…my cousin’s wedding…up north, Penang.

That means I can’t be back to run…the fact is I can still make it if I fly back on the 18th night…due to a circumstance I won’t be flying back and will have to stick to the initial plan of driving back on 19th.

As some dear friends comforted, there are more runs to come so continue to prepare for the next one!  Thank you all for encouraging and motivating me…I appreciate that greatly.

P/S  I was thinking I will share my first running experience in a post but that isn’t going to happen now…and since I will be in Penang…the hawker food paradise, I will share about F-O-O-D !…when I get back.

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