Days of Grace

Going away

I am going away for a few days up north to Penang for a cousin’s wedding.  We will do what most people do when in Penang….eat, Eat and EAT…such gluttony!  I will be taking some pictures of food and the hotel where I will be staying.  It is a very nice and prestigious hotel….anyone care to guess name of hotel?

While away, my boys will be left on their own as their dad is also away overseas…waaaa what freedom!!  They can’t wait for me to leave.

The last time we went away, the boys were given some chores, like feeding the dog, watering the plants, doing the laundry and finding their own food.  When we came back and stepped into the house, I thought I walked into a launderette.  Please take a look at the short recording below, it isn’t clear as I recorded with my handphone:

I am so happy that I manage to upload the video…it is such an achievement for me! heehee 😀 and of course I am grateful to some who helped me through this.

The reason why the laundry was drying in the hall instead of the laundry area was they forgot to wash a load a day.  So on the day when I was coming back 3 loads were washed and not enough place to hang up for drying…the living room with fans full blast became the launderette.

P/s By the time this post is published I should be on my way to Penang or already  there…yummy yummy 😉


16 October, 2008 - Posted by | Food, Home |


  1. Hahahahahaha that is so cute… I can imagine them saying to each other “Quick do the laundry, mummy coming back!” Never seen anything quite like it.

    nancy said: Well…I was definitely pleasantly shocked when I step into the house! And the house smelled quite nice with the laundry detergent aroma…lavender, my favourite 🙂

    Comment by Alexandra | 17 October, 2008 | Reply

  2. hahha that’s so funny…

    nancy said: Yes…but this time…I asked them to send to laundry.

    Comment by ensl | 18 October, 2008 | Reply

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