Days of Grace

Festivities and Food

Just came back from my first Chinese New Year indulgence 😀  I know I know its still a few days to Chinese New Year and I already started eating!?

The hostess is an excellent cook!  We had steamed nasi lemak…really good textured rice since it was steamed, topped with almost perfect sambal.  As a Penangite, I have a preference for  fresh sambal belachan not the tumis sambal, that’s why the ‘almost perfect sambal’ 😛 . I had a sinful second helping of rice which I normally can abstain (there goes the already non-existence waistline… expand some more…sigh).  Finished off with chendol…also ‘slurpily’ and sinfully delicious (tasted almost like the Penang Road one!)

Looks like this Chinese New Year I will be eating alot…sigh (more invitations to come).  I can’t afford to put on as whatever that’s put on stays put!  Festive seasons and food seemed to go hand in hand.   I guess I shouldn’t blame myself  for the extra few pounds, just got to work extremely hard on shedding after the festivity 🙂

This is just a short post to wish all a Blessed Chinese New Year!  To those travelling back to hometown and will be spending time with families, relatives and friends, may you have a fruitful time together!   To those  just having a long break, relax to the max ya!


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  1. Happy CNY to you and your family!

    nancy said: Thank you…same to you too!

    Comment by Adino | 23 January, 2009 | Reply

  2. Happy CNY to you and yr family !!! May you have a great time too !!! I’m so happy I get off from driving for a week !! Hhahaa now seems dreadful to drive everyday 🙂

    nancy said: Hahaha…so fast already dread driving!? 😛 many more years for you to drive :D.
    Happy CNY to you and yours too!

    Comment by meiyen1990 | 24 January, 2009 | Reply

  3. ah!…sounded like you enjoyed zee food very very much…Happy CNY and have a great time catching up with family n friends!

    nancy said: Hee hee I always enjoy food that’s why the size 😛
    You too have a wonderful time and good break!

    Comment by blossomteoh | 27 January, 2009 | Reply

  4. gong xi gong xi…
    me in north!

    nancy said: Hi Michelle! Thank you and same to you 🙂
    Job training for some months up north?

    Comment by michelle | 3 February, 2009 | Reply

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