Days of Grace

Random Utterance From A Cluttered Heart.

As I read again from the top, I realized how ‘rojak’/disorganized my thoughts were.  But I am leaving it as it is…cluttered heart=cluttered thoughts.

Sometimes I don’t want to talk to anyone but You because

I don’t know what to say anymore but You already knew?

Sometimes talking to anyone is pointless not because

they can’t help but I quit listening?

Sometimes it is better to just let things be instead of solving?

Sometimes in trying to solve, matters turned out worst?

Sometimes  matters are not meant to be solved and left hanging?

What am I to do?

What should I do?

What can I do?, other than look to You?

Wait on You?

Lean not on my own understanding?

Am I looking to You hiding behind a closet?

Do I have the patient to practice patience even when given to me?

Will I ever understand unless my heart’s uncluttered?

Will I ever feel that I am living a life worthy of You?

Will I ever?

How will it be out there?

Will I ever find fulfillment I had out there?

Will I be prepared for whatever that comes out there?

Will pride once again rear its ugly head to destroy when out there?

Will history repeats itself out there?

Will anything ever get back to normal?

Where is the peace that has been eluding for sometime now?

Where is the hope that I have been clinging to?

I have been looking at the wrong places?

My eyes and heart too cluttered to see or feel them?

If there are lessons to learn, have I learned?

Have I not learned for the umpteenth times to lay down my baggage of burdens at the foot of the cross?

After all, the empty cross is there to prove that You are alive

Your nail-pierced hands holding out to the world and holding on to me

Your gentle voice calling “come to Me those who are heavy laden, I will give you rest”

Help me Father, I need to unclutter my heart and head.


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Day 5 & 6 of My First Mission Trip

On the 5th day after devotion and briefing we departed for Biyoy.  Before leaving we had some photos taken. Some of us has grown fond of Kakidongan and the people here.

Jen saved us some 'strangers'!  She was holding a 'home assembled gun' meant to ward of wild animals.

Jen saved us from some 'strangers'!, holding a 'home assembled gun' (of course not loaded) meant to ward of wild animals.

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20 random things about me.

Since this is a post of random things, they don’t fall in any particular order and they are like ‘rojak’  😛

Here goes:

1)  I am drawn like a magnet to any shoe shop.

2)  I love Penang hawker food…fried kuey teow, very spicy (my favourite).  I am after all a Penangite!  Recently I was informed of a ‘Lorong Selamat Fried Kuey Teow’ in USJ 14.  Tried it…not bad but pricey.

3)  I am very forgetful…Alzheimer (early stages?) 😦  Will definitely pray against this.

4)  Like Siew Lee, I prefer noodles to rice anytime.

5)  I would love to one day wake up to vast greens in the country side.  Acres and acres of green.  Little House On The Prairie influence?…maybe!

6)  I love wood based and wood  structured homes.

7)  I have similar dreams/nightmares repeatedly…but still can’t make sense of them!

8)  I can’t stand the cold neither the heat 😛  So how?

9)  I prefer not to eat continental/western food when I eat out mainly because I can’t finish the fries and I always feel its a waste not to finish food served on my plate.

10)  I am not a flower person but I do admire and appreciate beautiful floral art/arrangements.  By the way, my favorite flower is roses in white or yellow.

11)  I am attracted to songs by their melody but had been told to be careful…not to be too captivated until I checked out the lyrics.

12)  I get upset when any borrowed stuff aren’t returned in their original condition or aren’t returned at all.

13) Shamefully, I admit I am a procrastinator…tsk tsk.

14)  I can be very meticulously in some tasks…sigh, and being that usually slows me down.

15)  I enjoy origami 😀 …can spent hours and hours on them if given the chance!

16)  I have a cup of coffee every morning…if at home, I mixed my own (less sugar) not from the 3 in 1 sachet.  A cup is the most I consume a day  as I won’t be able to sleep at night if I drink coffee or tea during the later part of the day.

17)  I enjoy reading good healthy posts in blogs and admire people that write well.

18)  I don’t like to keep starting sentences starting with ‘I’ but this is a random post about me, so…

19)  Phew!…getting close to #20 hee hee.  Can this be considered as a number?! Ok la…here’s another one.  One of my dreams in my younger days was to be a gymnast!…hahaha!

20)  I didn’t start with ‘I’ in #19 😛  Would love to travel the world backpacker style one day…one day.  This also has to be soon before my joints get stiff!…but then…sigh 😦

And since this is a tag so I am supposed to tag others!  I would like to tag those on my blogroll please!…namely Alex, Blossom, Carmille, Chai Gim, Charity, Joseph, Leon, Lionel, Michelle, Ps Lim (if you feel like it) only Ps Lim has that privilege hee hee, Sarah and last but not least Warwick (not that many right! and of course excluding Siew Lee (she tagged me) and Adino(tagged by Siew Lee)).

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Into the 4th Day of Philippines Mission

Ps Rolly and family
Ps Rolly and family…oops his baby boy isn’t in the picture. Continue reading

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No Doubt by Petra

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